Are you currently employed (includes part-time, temporary, seasonal, freelance, etc.)?
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If employed, do you have more than one job?

Please check all categories below that apply to you:
Employed full-time
Employed part-time
Employed on a temporary basis
Self-employed/own business

In which employment sector(s) are you working? (Check all that apply)
Public agency (government, public school, Tribal, etc.)
Non-profit agency
Private, for-profit company

Are you presently employed in the area of your primary studies at Evergreen?
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NOTE: If you have more than one job, please answer the remaining employment questions with the job you consider to be your primary occupation in mind.

Which one category listed below best describes the type of work you’re doing now? (Reminder: If you have more than one job, please answer with the job you consider to be your primary occupation in mind)
Management (e.g. operations manager, human resource manager, director/general manager, agricultural manager, business owner)
Office/Administrative Support (e.g. financial/billing/file/mail clerk, bookkeeper, teller, receptionist, administrative assistant, data entry processor, library assistant)
Business and Financial Operations (e.g. budget analyst, financial/marketing/human resources specialist, fundraiser, event planner, buyer, claims adjuster, assessor, accountant)
Architecture/Engineering (e.g. architect, landscape architect, surveyor, cartographer, engineer, drafter)
Art and Design (e.g. fine artist, animator, graphic/floral/interior designer, multimedia artist, set/exhibit designer, art director)
Entertainer/Performer (e.g. actor, producer, director, musician, dancer, athlete, coach)
Media and Communications (e.g. writer, editor, reporter, announcer, interpreter, media equipment technician, photographer, film/video/TV operator, public relations)
Computer/Mathematical (e.g. computer programmer, computer systems analyst, network/database administrator, software/web developer, user support, mathematician, statistician)
Farming/Fishing/Forestry Worker (e.g. farm/greenhouse/fishing/forestry worker, agricultural inspector)
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance (e.g. landscaper, tree-trimmer, building cleaner, janitor, pest control)
Life Science (e.g. biologist, ecologist, zoologist, biochemist, conservation/plant/soil scientist, forester)
Physical Science (e.g. physicist, chemist, astronomer, hydrologist, geoscientist)
Military and Protective Service (e.g. military officer, infantry, police officer, firefighter, security guard/screener, lifeguard, ski patrol, animal control, game warden)
Healthcare Practitioner or Technician (e.g. physician, RN, LPN, nurse practitioner, veterinarian, midwife, dental hygienist, physical/occupational therapist, nutritionist, EMT, lab technician)
Healthcare Support (e.g. medical/dental/veterinary assistant, massage therapist, home health aide, CNA)
Community and Social Service (e.g. mental health counselor, social worker, community health worker, guidance counselor, clergy, health educator, probation officer)
Social Science (e.g. clinical/counseling/school psychologist, economist, survey researcher, anthropologist, sociologist, historian, political scientist, regional planner)
Legal Occupations (e.g. lawyer, legal assistant, paralegal, law clerk, title examiner)
Education/Training/Library (e.g. teacher, adult educator, teaching assistant, librarian, curator, archivist)
Transportation (e.g. truck/bus/taxi/ambulance driver, material mover, sailor, pilot, flight attendant, railway worker)
Personal Care and Service (e.g. hairstylist, fitness trainer, usher, childcare worker/nanny, recreation worker, travel/wilderness/river raft/kayak guide, nonfarm animal caretaker/trainer)
Construction/Installation/Repair (e.g. mason, carpenter, electrician, pipefitter, building inspector, equipment repair, electronics installer, mechanic)
Food Preparation/Serving (e.g. cook, bartender, food server, caterer, dishwasher, host)
Sales (e.g. retail management, cashier, sales/advertising representative, real estate or travel agent, telemarketer)
Production/Manufacturing (e.g. assembler, machinist, textile worker, woodworker, plant operator, photo processor, welder, printing worker, baker, butcher)
Other (please describe):
Note: Employment classification categories are derived from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classifications 2010.

Please tell us about the job you have right now.
Current employer:
Department or office:
Job title/position:

How well did Evergreen prepare you for your current job?
Not at all
Not very well
Very well

Is this a new position or job since graduation?

Are you currently seeking employment (or different employment)?