The Evergreen State College

Your Education and Your Academic Statement:
Orientation Session Feedback Survey
Winter Quarter 2016

About this survey:

Evergreen faculty offer a series of required Orientation sessions designed to help new students understand Evergreen, make connections with others, and write their Orientation Essay. This survey is intended to help Evergreen assess the effectiveness of these sessions, and your feedback will be used to refine the academic Orientation Week activities for next year’s new students. Your opinions and experience are very valuable to this assessment. Even if you did not participate in all of the sessions and activities, the college would like to understand any obstacles to your full participation.

The brief survey should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. Your consent is implied when you begin to answer the survey questions; however, you may skip any questions you do not wish to answer and you can discontinue the survey at any time. Your participation will be kept confidential and unidentifiable in any public report; your responses will not affect your individual relationship with the college in any way. Survey responses are grouped into aggregated summary reports, and the information will not be used to track your personal participation in any of the Orientation events.

In order for the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment to determine survey response rates (and to avoid sending further reminders to you), we ask for your student ID number and/or name. Please know that this information is used within the office for tracking survey responses only, this identifying information will not be stored with the survey responses you provide.

Student ID Number ("A" Number)
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Thank you for your participation!

Unfortunately, this web survey is not compatible with JAWS screen reading software. If you have trouble viewing the survey, it can be administered by phone. To request a phone interview or if you have any other questions about the survey please contact Laura Coghlan, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, at (360) 867-6676 or The person to contact if you experience problems as a result of participating in this project is John McLain, Human Subjects Review administrator at The Evergreen State College, (360) 867-6045 or

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