In which of the following academic orientation activities did you participate?

Please check all that apply. If none of these apply, please skip to question #6.

Tuesday evening: Your Education and Your Academic Statement
(5:30-8:30 PM session with faculty)
Thursday evening: Your Education and Your Academic Statement
(5:30-8:30 PM session with faculty)
Saturday alternate session: Your Education and Your Academic Statement
(10 AM - 4 PM session with faculty)

How satisfied were you with the following academic statement orientation activities?

For each activity, select the response that best describes your level of satisfaction. If you did not participate in the activity, please select "Not Applicable."
Not at all
Not Applicable
Common reading: Excerpts from Thinking in an Emergency by Elaine Scarry
Convocation video
Faculty-led discussion of Evergreen’s approach to education (for example, The Five Foci, Learning Community, narrative evaluations, self- directed academic pathways, etc.)
Seminar on the common reading: Thinking in an Emergency
Development of your Orientation Essay
Using the Online Record System (for example, to upload your Orientation Essay)
Faculty-led Introduction to the Academic Statement (for example, purpose, process, policies, etc.)

How helpful were the activities in which you participated in terms of the following objectives?
Not at all
Understanding Evergreen’s philosophy and approach to education
Understanding Evergreen’s Five Foci of Learning
Understanding the Six Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate
Understanding what it means to be a member of a Learning Community
Understanding the value of an Academic Statement
Awareness of Academic Statement policies and practices
Learning how to navigate Evergreen’s curriculum
Assuming authority for your educational pathway
Learning how to have an effective seminar
Deepening your understanding of Thinking in an Emergency
Making connections with faculty
Making connections with other students
Learning about resources to support your success as a student (for example, advisors, tutors, student activities, or other support services)
Reflecting on the meaning and value of a liberal arts education
Writing your Orientation essay
Drafting, sharing, and uploading your Orientation essay

What was the primary benefit for you from your participation in the academic orientation events?

What would you encourage Evergreen to change about the Orientation activities related to the Academic Statement?

If you were unable to participate or chose not to participate in some of the Orientation activities related to the Academic Statement, which of the following were obstacles to your participation?

Please check all that apply:
Work/employment schedule
Didn't seem important/Not interested
Didn't know it was required
Lack of child care
Didn't know where to go
Had not read the common reading
Lack of communication or confusing information about events
I was not registered for classes at the time of the events
Other (please explain):

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