Administered by The Evergreen State College
Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

About this survey:

This survey is intended to gather information about students’ college experiences. The results of this survey will be used to plan the curriculum and improve student services. The results also help us secure state and federal funding for programs that support students. The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary. Your consent to participate is implied when you access and begin to answer the online survey questions; however, you may skip any questions you do not wish to answer and you can discontinue the survey at any time. Your participation will be confidential and unidentifiable in any public report.

Unfortunately, this survey is not compatible with JAWS screen reading software. If you have trouble viewing the survey it can be administered by phone, or we can send you a printed copy. For this or any other questions about the survey please contact Coral Garey, Research Project Coordinator, at (360) 867-6679 or The person to contact if you experience problems as a result of participating in this project is John McLain, Human Subjects Review administrator at The Evergreen State College, (360) 867-6045 or

Please enter your Sample ID number below, along with the first three letters of the month of your birth. This information is required to participate and will be used to enter you into a random drawing for a $200 gift certificate at the Greener Store. To be eligible for the drawing, your survey must be completed by June 30, 2017. The student who is selected in the random drawing will be contacted at the completion of the survey administration and will have 30 days from the date of notification to claim the gift certificate.**

*Sample ID (Included with your survey invitation):
*First three letters of the month of your birth (e.g. Jan or Dec)

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**The odds of being selected in the drawing are better than 1 in 2,000 and depend on the number of students who participate in the survey. A total of 378 students out of a sample of 1,737 students responded in the 2015 administration of the survey. Therefore the odds in the last administration were 1 in 378.