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Please indicate whether you participated in the following campus resources this year and, if so, how satisfied you were:
Did Not Participate
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
Academic Fair(s)
Graduate School Fair(s)
Internship Fair(s)
All-Campus Mentoring Day(s); Winter or Spring Quarters, or alternative events for Evening/Weekend and off-site programs

How often have you used the following campus resources so far this academic year?
For each item, select the button that best describes your answer.
Not at All
A Little
A Lot
Campus library
Library digital/online databases and resources
Writing Center or writing tutors
Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning (QuaSR) Center or QuaSR Tutors
Media Loan
Electronic Media (animation labs, audio recording, digital video/film editing, music technology labs)
Center for Creative and Applied Media (CCAM)
Photo Services/Photoland
Campus Computing Resources

(Continued) How often have you used the following campus resources so far this academic year?
Not at All
A Little
A Lot
Center for Community-Based Learning & Action (CCBLA) or in-program CCBLA workshop/activity
Career Development Center (such as attending a career fair or using self- assessment and career development tools)
Academic Advising Office, workshops, or Tacoma Student Services Coordinator
First Peoples' Multicultural Advising Services
After Hours Advising in the Unity Lounge
Trans & Queer Center
TRIO Student Services
Access Services for Students with Disabilities
Veterans Resource Center

(Continued) How often have you used the following campus resources so far this academic year?
Not at All
A Little
A Lot
Student Wellness Center (Health or Counseling)
Office of Sexual Violence Prevention (OSVP)
Financial Aid Office or on-site Financial Aid Counselor
Student Employment Services (such as using the job board or website (CODA) for finding a job)
Student Activities (student organizations, S&A events, student activities staff)
Residential life programming (RAD)
Costantino Recreation Center (CRC), Athletics, or recreation programs
Police Services/Parking Services (including vehicle unlocks, safety escorts, food bank)
Intercity Transit bus service

Which of the following electronic/computing devices do you currently own?
(Check all that apply)
Desktop computer
Laptop computer
Smart phone
Cell phone

How far do you typically commute to your campus?
One-way is about how many miles?
(Or check here if you live on campus):

How do you usually get to your campus? (If you live on Olympia campus, how do you get to upper campus?)

Enter the number of days in a typical week that you usually commute to campus by each mode of transportation. Total days should not add up to more than seven.
Drive alone or with child/children only
days per week
Carpool with at least one other adult
days per week
days per week
days per week
Ride a bike
days per week
Ride the bus
days per week
Bike and bus combination
days per week
Other (please explain below):
days per week

What percentage of the trips you take to and from your campus are by alternative transportation (something other than driving alone or with children)?
Please estimate using a percentage from 0 to 100