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This year, I had at least one faculty member who...
Asked me good questions that helped me think about my goals and planning.
Helped me clarify my academic strengths, skills, and interests.
Helped me relate my skills, interests, and life goals to available academic opportunities.
Identified opportunities for capstone experiences, such as a culminating senior project, internship, undergraduate research opportunity, performance, or exhibition.
Helped me identify possible career paths in my field(s) of interest.
Helped me identify specific credits, coursework, and/or academic experiences that I will need to meet my goals.
Referred me to a resource that supports my academic work at Evergreen.
Referred me to a campus or community resource that helped me address my personal or non-academic concerns.
Provided a lead, a referral, or an introduction to create a relationship or locate a resource to support my goals after Evergreen.
Helped me identify my next step in addressing a challenge.
Seemed genuinely interested in helping me meet my academic and personal goals.
Helped me feel more connected to Evergreen.
Helped me translate my Evergreen academic work and learning to outside audiences (such as employers, graduate schools, internship contacts, etc.)
Read a version of my Academic Statement.
Provided feedback on a version of my Academic Statement.

Is there a person at Evergreen to whom you regularly turn for advice about academic planning or life goals?
If yes, what is this person's role at Evergreen?

This year, I have talked to the following people at Evergreen about my life goals and/or academic planning: (Check all that apply)
My faculty
My former faculty
Some other faculty member (with whom I haven't taken a class)
A staff member (coach, academic or career advisor, Science instructional tech (SIT), etc.)
Peer advisor
Some other Evergreen student
Other (Please write in role at Evergreen):

Feel free to write in any other comments you would like to share:

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