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Reaching College Readiness | About the Project

Reaching College Readiness, a year-long project involving five colleges in Washington state and funded by College Spark, explores integrative learning as a strategy for improving students' success.

This work grows out of the findings of the Washington Center's National Project on Assessing Learning in Learning Communities and focuses on the design of integrative assignments as a tool for deepening student learning and improving student success.

Emily Lardner and Gillies Malnarich co-direct the project. Their co-researcher on this project is Veronica Boix-Mansilla of Harvard's Project Zero. Boix-Mansilla also served as co-researcher on the National Project on Assessing Learning.

Teams of faculty from each institution will design integrative assignments and use them in their 2009-2010 courses. Student success will be measured by comparing course completion and GPA rates for students in these courses and comparative courses at the same institution. Students' assessment of their experience will be measured through an online survey.


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