Curriculum for the Bioregion Initiative Builds Learning Communities around Sustainability

With global warming and energy issues among the most critical issues facing us, sustainability efforts are receiving attention at campuses across the nation. Washington Center's Curriculum for the Bioregion initiative is taking this focus one step further in Washington state--into the classroom. Sustainability offers unique opportunities for faculty to create theme-based curriculum and learning communities, since it encompasses so many disciplines--from chemistry and biology to philosophy and sociology.

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A New Era in Learning-Community Work: Why the Pedagogy of Intentional Integration Matters

by Emily Lardner and Gillies Malnarich

This Change magazine article describes a significant shift in emphasis in learning community practice over the past decade: from a focus on models and organizational structures to a focus on intentionally designed integrative learning for students. Campus applications for the National Summer Institute on Learning Communities in 2004 are compared with those from 2008, and three trends are noted: more campuses are using data to make decisions about instructional programs; more campuses are explicitly focusing on increasing student engagement; and more campuses are connecting their desire to implement learning community programs with their vision of the kind of learning experiences they want students to have.