Joye Hardiman, The Evergreen State College-Tacoma, and Tina Young, Seattle Central Community College About the Washington Center

We are a public service center of The Evergreen State College. Established in 1985, Washington Center emphasizes collaborative, low-cost, highly effective approaches to educational reform.

Our member institutions include Washington State's public four-year institutions, community colleges, technical colleges, independent colleges, and a tribal college.

The Work We Do

We are for the success of all students.

We work with faculty, staff, and administrators at regional and national levels to support student engagement and academic achievement, particularly for students underrepresented in higher education.

The Washington Center organizes collaborative projects through

Our projects promote interdisciplinary learning, curricular integration, and educational equity.

The Washington Center
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By working together across traditional boundaries of educational politics we can maximize the benefits of sharing and adapting the best ideas from each arena.

Governor Booth Gardner,
on Washington Center's mandate, 1987

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Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education
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