Perspectives on Faculty Development

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Balan Villanueva
Electronic Media, The Evergreen State College

Catherine Gerlach
Electronic Media, The Evergreen State College

Matthew Kitterman
University of Idaho Video Services

Ken Wilhelm
The Evergreen State College

Editor, Web Compression
Erland Baird
Electronic Media, The Evergreen State College

Jean Henscheid
University of Idaho, NLCP web editor

Margery Brown
The Evergreen State College

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-->Jean Henscheid
NLCP/University of Idaho
duration:intro < 1 minute
WMV 2.6 MB
MOV 2.4 MB
MP3 (audio) .4 MB

Lynn Dunlap
Skagit College
duration: 5.5 minutes
WMV 18.3 MB
MP3 (audio) 2.8 MB

Marie Eaton
Western Washington University
duration: 7 minutes
WMV 24.1 MB
MOV 22.5 MB
MP3 (audio) 3.9 MB

Joye Hardiman
The Evergreen State College - Tacoma
duration: 4.5 minutes
WMV 16.3 MB
MOV 10.1 MB
MP3 (audio) 2.5 MB

John O'Connor
AAHE/George Mason University
duration: 6.5 minutes
WMV 22.5 MB
MP3 (audio) 3.6 MB

Brian Price
The Evergreen State College
duration: 8.5 minutes
WMV 8.8 MB
MOV 10.7 MB
MP3 (audio) 4.7 MB

Edwina Stoll
DeAnza College
duration: 4 minutes
WMV 14.9 MB
MP3 (audio) 2.3 MB

Jan Swinton
Spokane Falls Community College
duration: 7 minutes
WMV 24.1 MB
MP3 (audio) 3.9 MB

Phyllis van Slyck
La Guardia Community College
duration: 3.5 minutes
WMV 11.3 MB
MOV 10.1 MB
MP3 (audio) 1.6 MB