We believe that learning communities are an appropriate, rational, and ethical response to many challenges in higher education. Yet ... [they] are not a panacea ... and they are not a quick fix for a campus.

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National Resource Center

This national directory of learning communities provides information about institutions across the United States that offer learning community programs.

In addition to the directory, the Washington Center also provides these resources:

link The National Learncom Listserv
The focus of this email list, originally based at Temple University, is to provide a forum where learning community practitioners can discuss issues and questions related to learning community work. To join, you may subscribe online

link Journal of Learning Communities Research
This peer-reviewed journal encourages interdisciplinary dialogue on topics related to learning communities and welcomes submissions of original research articles.

14.93 MB pdf When Faculty Assess Integrative Learning
This article, published in Change Magazine, details what faculty from 20 institutions learned about assessing student work and integrative learning during the Washington Center's National Project on Assessing Learning in Learning Communities.
Emily Lardner and Gillies Malnarich. 2009.

0.21 MB pdf Sustaining Learning Communities: Moving from Curricular to Educational Reform
This article, published in Perspectives, a publication of the Massachusetts Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, describes what is needed to move learning communities from isolated programs that benefit a comparatively small number of students to campus-wide initiatives that are clearly aligned with institutional goals and benefit large numbers of students, including at-risk students.
Emily Lardner and Gillies Malnarich. 2008.

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