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9. Did your program include the following modes of critical thinking?
Modes of critical thinking your program was designed to improve (check all that apply)
Which of these did you do Moderately or Extensively?
Analysis (e.g. of texts, images, concepts, data)
Synthesis (e.g. of theories, texts, data, visual information)
Judgment/Critique (e.g. making an informed judgment based on analysis and critique of a theory, art work, etc.)
Argument (e.g. composing arguments and supporting claims, recognizing/mastering rhetoric)
Problem-solving (e.g. designing experiments or performances, debugging software, developing social policy, formulating possible solutions)
Multiple Perspectives (e.g. examining own assumptions, considering additional points of view)
Other (Please describe below)

10A. Did your program examine issues of sustainability?
Extensively (A primary areas of study, credits awarded, substantial ongoing emphasis)
Moderately (Regular area of study, multiple program activities, credits may have been awarded)
A little (Limited attention to this area, e.g. guest speaker, occasional workshop or seminar)
Not at all (Go to 11A)

10B. Please describe what sustainability perspectives (e.g. scientific, social, ethical, historical, or spiritual), content areas, and activities you used:

11A. Did your program examine  issues of oppression, privilege and difference?
A little
Not at all (Go to 12A)

11B. Please describe what content areas and activities you used to examine oppression, privilege and difference:

12A. Did your program include community-based project(s) and/or service learning? ("Community-based projects" include activities that engage students in collaborative efforts in partnership with off-campus community. "Service learning" is a process that promotes theory to practice with classroom preparation, service, and reflection.)
No (Go to 13A)

12B. If yes, please briefly describe the community-based project(s) and/or service learning: